Tuesday, 18 May 2010

21st century boy

A fairly typical look for a boy around the early 2040s, when the denim miniskirt was making a comeback – and not for girls!

During the ‘transitional’ period, when boys were starting to adopt formerly feminine behaviours and dress but the process of role reversal was not yet complete, many boys still wore their hair short, or in a kind of pixie cut. This boy goes a little further.

Friday, 14 May 2010

Househusband waving goodbye to his wife

When his wife’s alarm rings, he too must roll out of bed. He shuffles to the kitchen and makes breakfast while his wife prepares for her tough job in the city. With his wife well fed and with a lunch packed in her briefcase, he waves goodbye: “Goodbye, dear! Have a nice day at work!”

As she leaves for a corporate world in which he could never compete, he goes indoors to begin the housework. If he doesn’t keep her home clean there will be hell to pay.

Welcome to the life of the 21st century male – the dutiful househusband.