Tuesday, 1 June 2010

The fall of men

Over the space of 200 or so years, the change forced upon men was astonishing.

For thousands of years men had ruled, fought, thieved, invented, murdered and explored. They had believed that they were innately the superior sex, that their star must be ascendant forever. They were powerful and they were magnificent. They made the gods in their image and women their servants.

Ingres, Jupiter and Thesis, 1811.

It must have been inconceivable to the great Victorian male that his seemingly eternal rule was about to be brought down by those whom Tennyson called “The soft and milky rabble of womankind, Poor weakling even as they are”.

And yet by the middle of the 21st century men were submissive to the new dominant sex. Forced to wear makeup and dresses, do housework and raise children, their jobs and money taken away, patronised by female bosses and declared inferior by female scientists, they had been cruelly humiliated.

Photo: Mrs B (aka Chi)

How far the mighty had fallen!


  1. So this is a man and baby 50 years from now?

  2. Things sure have changed. LOL.

  3. Changed for the better!

  4. Just a mild "Correctio"...This is a Man NOW in 2010!! Gender Role Reversal is a Grwoing trend. Not only is this a Current man and father, but his wife is Quite Supportive! This IS the Future!

  5. Well I don't see many men walking the streets in frocks just yet Patti, but perhaps it's just a question of time.

  6. The man pictured looks very pretty and looks like he is enjoying his new role as the feminine partner and child raiser. The fall of men as the dominant sex is already happening as assertive and clever females are slowly but surely taking the best degrees and the best jobs and putting us men in the home, where we belong. It won't be too long before we end up in the dress, lacy apron, frilly underwear, high heels and make up to match our new role and the outfit will really suit us.


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