Wednesday, 21 April 2010

The rise of women #3

The result of women's educational superiority was inevitable. With surprising speed, women cast aside their traditional role of housewife and swept through the professions.

Highly qualified, ambitious and outrageously confident, they took over past male bastions such as politics, medicine, the military, the sciences.

Companies noticed that women were more professional, reliable and effective than men, and given a choice between female and male applicants always chose the female. Once the artificial constraints imposed upon women by sexism were removed, men simply could not compete with them either in school or the workplace.

Women became dominant in:

the boardroom...

the practical trades...

justice and law...


the military...

...and all the highest status professions.

Whatever the task, they were likely to do it more thoroughly, more competently, and more efficiently than men. This was truly the age of women.

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  1. bonjour,
    je trouve très agréable de voir
    toute cette domination féminine.
    ce trouver sous la coupe d'une
    femme quoi de plus naturelle.
    vivement la femme au pouvoir.


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