Monday, 7 June 2010

What to do with the clapped out male bosses?

Jim, the former CEO, was bitter when the all-female board politely fired him. The new boss said that she was prepared to give him a role in the company, but on two conditions. Firstly, he was to become her secretary. Secondly, he was to adopt a more... contemporary dress code, one he had resisted throughout his tenure but which was quickly imposed by the new regime. Men in trousers were just so last century.

Broken-hearted, Jim gave in.

Former CEO
Photo: Calleigh Classy.

Jim lasted only a couple of years in his humiliating new role. His wife, on receiving a promotion, insisted that he quit in order to devote his time to his proper place, doing the housework.

The mightier they stand, they farther they have to fall.

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