Thursday, 15 July 2010

Eve’s Rib on deviantArt

my dA siteFans of Boys in the Pink and its sister blog, Eve’s Rib, may like to know that I can be found on deviantArt:

Despite what its name might suggest, deviantArt is not a porn site (!) but a place for any artist to exhibit and discuss art of any kind. It has over 11 million members and over 100 million pieces of art. So go enjoy!

I’ve not finished posting all the artwork from the blogs but should catch up fairly soon. You can also see a few things I’ve picked out by other deviantArt users under Faves.


  1. I just read through your blog and I love it! I absolutely believe in this too!

  2. Both of your Blogs are fantastic! The More that we get the message out about Male Femininity and the Empowerment of Women the Better! Great Job!

  3. Ce que vous faite est vraiment super, bravo continuez à nous faire rêver


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