Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Men’s underwear in the 21st century

With women insisting ever more firmly on their menfolk looking decorative and pretty, what a male wore under his dress was just as important as the dress itself. As the market for decorative underwear for women had collapsed in favour of practical, simple styles, canny lingerie manufacturers shifted production to male ranges.

The trend for ‘feminine’ underwear for men sold on the open market was initiated by items such as those illustrated below from the Japanese site Wishroom, active from 2008.

Although many men scoffed when such products first became available, this trend quickly spread from being a marginal source of bemusement to a global fashion sensation. Wishroom prefigured the sort of underwear that all men and boys would be wearing by about the middle of the century. Often impractical and uncomfortable, it illustrates neatly how what males wore was determined by the need to please women above all else.

wishroom image

Wishroom image 1

Wishroom image 2

Wishroom image 3

Wishroom image 4

Wishroom image 5

Although males don’t usually have any need for a brassiere, they were worn for the sake of decoration and to hide the wearer’s nipples for modesty. Needless to say, they were flatter than the cupped variety still worn by women (but which now eschewed decorativeness of any kind).


  1. as a man I am glad that know i can wear panties and Brassiere. Yhis is fantastic.

  2. I just can say that I love it!!!! I love wear feminine underware and my wife likes it too, she don't realize my desire of using feminine clothes, she aproves feminine underware, but don't let me use skirts or stretch pants... :'( However... I love women clothes.

  3. I hate male underwear and have just ordere some of these for my boyfriend. I cn't wait to see him in them!

  4. I just seen thease Bra's & panties and they are cute !!! As a man I have always liked frillie ,soft undies. My girlfriend can handel the panties & bra's and she even has come to like picking them out for me !!! I think that more women should encourge men to wear all female clothing !!!

  5. I've worn feminine style underwear for years for comfort and pleasure. Just wish there was even more choice and more readily accessible

  6. i think that boys should wear frilly underwear

  7. There is nothing to make a boy feel more feminine then silk panties with lots of frilly ruffles on his soft round behind.


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