Sunday, 4 July 2010

A new dawn

At the dawn of the female age.

Where women lead, men follow. Nursing the humiliation of being subordinated by women, men must reconcile themselves to their new role as homemakers, wearing dresses and submitting to female authority.

As reported by The Economist:


  1. The dawn of the most beautiful age humankind will ever know: The Age of Women!

  2. When women re in complete Control...the Males Need to e Dieting to be Smaller and much Weaker than the women...the women will need to work out more and have more Defined muscles...letting the males know that they are the WEAKER Sex....Can't Wait!!!

  3. The Age of Women is upon us and there is no stopping it.

  4. is it just me who notices that women seem to be getting larger or equal to males in size and strength ? I work out in a gym that is well known and established, I am there about a hour and half 4 days a week, and on a average while I am there, it is about 70 people in attendance, most of them are females. I have counted about 20 males during my time there and the rest are all women. what is surprising is that a lot of the guys are in the yoga classes and mostly women are pumping iron. yes there are the same 7 or 8 guys who pump iron regularly but more and more women are hitting the weights as well. the males in the yoga classes are more interested in toning their bodies to be more shapely while the women are pumping iron to be physically stronger and buff. this newer generation of females are not like the women of old, they are setting a trend to show the average male that women can beat them or match them in size and strength. even some of my friends notice that females appear getting larger than the average male as a whole. my friends and I have theorized that todays males are getting soft and flabby spending many many hours on computer games, while women are participating in more physical and athletic sports, especially females in wrestling. while on you tube you can see male after male being defeated in just about every weight class in wrestling. many of the male wrestlers are left crying in defeat as the female wrestlers celebrate victory over their male counterpart. the female wrestlers seem to enjoy crushing the male ego, this is a new kind of female, bringing in the future with confidence and authority. these young women will be the ones who "wear the pants" in their relationships, and many males will be their househusbands or feminized to be suitable in todays upcoming female dominated society. what an exciting future for the males of tomorrow, as women dictate male gender identity and male gender role reversal. the day is quickly coming when women will ask the male what is it like, to be the weaker sex !! as a male, I have to agree with lilysis and ann brooks in the previous comments above, the age of women, hear them roar.


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