Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Tommy advert

Tommy was a clothing brand that started up in the 2030s marketing dresses to boys. It was a typical example of a firm that formerly produced clothes for females but had to reorientate itself to the new world of the genderquake if it was to keep trading.

As the ‘pansy’ trend took off, Tommy quickly repositioned itself to become a market leader in excessively ‘boyish’ styles, as in the advert reproduced here.


  1. ex-male chauvinist23 July 2010 at 15:33

    I recently discovered your blog. When I was younger, I was as anti-feminist as you could get. Mostly because I wanted to shock my liberal parents, sort of like Alex Keaton. It was actually a front, to deny what was fairly evident: girls were better than boys in school. While my grades were fairly good for a boy, I was average compared to the girls. But because I was more intellectually curious and "bookish" I tended to get picked on more often (by other male bullies). I held my own, being able to dish out as well as receive punishment.

    But I've been thinking for the last little while -- primitive societies tend to be more male-dominated. As the quality of life improves with technology and infrastructure, females are able to assert their rights and thrive under such environments.

    So I come to see that a society where women excel more often than men is not necessarily a bad one -- it is actually stable.

    I'm aware that this site is more fantasy-driven and is a parody of sorts, but I think some of your predictions will be true one day. You lament in your intro that only 15% of Fortune 500 companies are headed by women. But what was this figure 40 years ago? 20 years ago? I don't think it's outside the realm of possibility that the increasing female control of companies will one day stabilize at around 60% (which represents the current college female to male ratio of university graduates).

    I don't think that the future will be 100% female dominated, but it will certainly become a female majority in terms of who will have the best-paying jobs. Men have gifts of their own, and while on average I think that women are probably more intelligent than men, that society will produce the occasional male genius that will be needed to advance it.

    I certainly don't lament the demise of the macho male and the ethic of might makes right. A female-dominated world (or rather, a female majority one, where gifted males are competent enough to serve with them) will not be perfect or one without oppression of some sort. But I think that when a society is stable and controlled by women (generally) it means that it has progressed and evolved.

    Anyway, I'll follow your blog with interest. It's food for thought.

  2. Thank you, ex-male chauvinist, for your contribution.

    Personally I think the sexes are born equal. Women are behaving more 'like men'; perhaps machismo will die and enable males to become a bit more 'like women', so that we are no longer artificially divided according to the part we play in reproduction but are a civilisation simply of equal human beings.

    Who knows what the future really holds?

  3. Imagine a boy in a square dance costume with full short petticoats. The petticoats swish and sway and when his strong powerful women companion twirls him, his ruffled panties and matching garter are on display. What a sight!

  4. The bow and dress both look very cute and manly.


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