Tuesday, 24 August 2010

An appeal

Let’s step out of the fantasy for a second.

Much as I enjoy drawing, it shouldn’t be necessary in the internet age for me to spend any time creating images of gender role reversal. Yet such images are surprisingly hard to come by.

For example, there are thousands of photos of crossdressers on Flickr. Leaving aside the question of permission, it should be easy to include some to illustrate my particular world. But 99% of crossdressers seem to want not just to wear women’s clothes but to pretend to be women. Fake breasts and female names are almost universal among them. Of course they can express themselves however they please, but it isn’t where I personally am coming from. I am not a woman, nor do I wish to pretend to be one. Mine’s a “gender role reversal” world, where the dominant trouser-wearers are women and the subordinate dress-wearers are men. For the Flickr crossdresser images to be useful to me, I’d have to alter them to remove the fake breasts, yet the licences almost never allow derivative works.

Another place one might look is crossdresser fantasy sites — let’s face it, porn sites. But these sites, e.g. CDFun, are almost entirely homo-erotic, which is bizarre given that the majority of crossdressers are heterosexual. The men in such images usually don’t dress very well, and I have no interest in watching them suck each other off or in anal penetration. Heterosexual offerings do exist, such as My Sissy Boyfriend, but even when we see a dominant female with a crossdressed male, she’s almost always wearing feminine clothing as well, and everything centres upon, you guessed it, a dildo up the arse.

My attitude is live and let live. I’m not opposed to any of these sites. My gripe is that there isn’t something else. The surprising truth seems to be that nobody on the internet is providing scenes of heterosexual gender role reversal. Not one single website. There are images here and there, and things that come close like CFNM. But that’s all.

It’s a strange omission. In general the internet seems to offer everything imaginable. It has Japanese girls peeing on glass tables while men lie underneath. It has fantasies about being crushed by dirty shoes. It has every other kind of femdom. It has weirder things I don’t even want to think about. But where is, for example, the woman CEO in a suit whose secretary is a guy in a pinstripe skirt? And I don’t mean some clumsy-looking guy who looks like he’s put on lipstick in the dark, wearing some crappy outfit no woman would be seen dead in. I mean someone who looks like he normally dresses like that.

This is why I draw images myself. I am forced to fill the gap.

I can’t believe the fantasies I’m looking for are particularly unusual. There are hordes of crossdressers out there of every imaginable sort and many, I’m sure, must enjoy femdom images in which men must wear the dresses and women wear the trousers. Some of them follow and enjoy this blog.

So here is an appeal for those responsible for such things. Please, how about more material in line with the sort of fantasy presented on this blog? No strap-ons, no women in dresses and makeup, no whips and dungeons, no enforced hormone treatments and men sucking each other off! Just some good old gender role reversal femdom.

Thursday, 19 August 2010

Evening of the dance

Preparing for the dance, a teenage boy pauses to dream about the evening ahead. About the rustling dresses and glimmering jewels of the boys, and the vivid white shirts and black ties of the girls. And about meeting a handsome girl who would provide love and the protection he craves.

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Who rules school?

As women became more dominant, so too did girls. It was now the boys who were coming to school in skirts and tights, i.e. it was literally girls who wore the trousers. And of course everyone was very aware that girls completely outperformed boys in every academic subject. The general assumption by schoolkids was that if girls had soared ahead after the creation of a level playing field, it meant that girls were superior in terms of natural gifts.

Whereas girls tended to go into further education and would become breadwinners, boys would remain in their shadow, cleaning their homes and being financially dependent. How could a girl take seriously a dim, subordinate sex whose main preoccupations were dollies, dresses and lipstick?

This meant that girls asserted themselves very boldly against boys, often being terribly smug and patronising towards them. A boy entering into a conversation uninvited was routinely told to hush, go play with his dollies, or to piss off altogether. Dismissive remarks about the vacuousness of boys’ minds were commonplace.

Who rules school?
Terry the gossip had spread a rumour about Cara, the meanest girl in the school — unfortunately for him, Cara found out.

Girls’ assertiveness could even spill over into physical violence, in a way unthinkable before the genderquake. It is true that girls are on average less strong than boys, but their swaggering confidence and aggression more than made up for that. Boys also have a certain physical vulnerability in the crotch which girls took merciless advantage of.

School life then was, for a boy, a tremulous business. Neglected academically, scorned by by his female peers, the odds were against him from the start.