Tuesday, 24 August 2010

An appeal

Let’s step out of the fantasy for a second.

Much as I enjoy drawing, it shouldn’t be necessary in the internet age for me to spend any time creating images of gender role reversal. Yet such images are surprisingly hard to come by.

For example, there are thousands of photos of crossdressers on Flickr. Leaving aside the question of permission, it should be easy to include some to illustrate my particular world. But 99% of crossdressers seem to want not just to wear women’s clothes but to pretend to be women. Fake breasts and female names are almost universal among them. Of course they can express themselves however they please, but it isn’t where I personally am coming from. I am not a woman, nor do I wish to pretend to be one. Mine’s a “gender role reversal” world, where the dominant trouser-wearers are women and the subordinate dress-wearers are men. For the Flickr crossdresser images to be useful to me, I’d have to alter them to remove the fake breasts, yet the licences almost never allow derivative works.

Another place one might look is crossdresser fantasy sites — let’s face it, porn sites. But these sites, e.g. CDFun, are almost entirely homo-erotic, which is bizarre given that the majority of crossdressers are heterosexual. The men in such images usually don’t dress very well, and I have no interest in watching them suck each other off or in anal penetration. Heterosexual offerings do exist, such as My Sissy Boyfriend, but even when we see a dominant female with a crossdressed male, she’s almost always wearing feminine clothing as well, and everything centres upon, you guessed it, a dildo up the arse.

My attitude is live and let live. I’m not opposed to any of these sites. My gripe is that there isn’t something else. The surprising truth seems to be that nobody on the internet is providing scenes of heterosexual gender role reversal. Not one single website. There are images here and there, and things that come close like CFNM. But that’s all.

It’s a strange omission. In general the internet seems to offer everything imaginable. It has Japanese girls peeing on glass tables while men lie underneath. It has fantasies about being crushed by dirty shoes. It has every other kind of femdom. It has weirder things I don’t even want to think about. But where is, for example, the woman CEO in a suit whose secretary is a guy in a pinstripe skirt? And I don’t mean some clumsy-looking guy who looks like he’s put on lipstick in the dark, wearing some crappy outfit no woman would be seen dead in. I mean someone who looks like he normally dresses like that.

This is why I draw images myself. I am forced to fill the gap.

I can’t believe the fantasies I’m looking for are particularly unusual. There are hordes of crossdressers out there of every imaginable sort and many, I’m sure, must enjoy femdom images in which men must wear the dresses and women wear the trousers. Some of them follow and enjoy this blog.

So here is an appeal for those responsible for such things. Please, how about more material in line with the sort of fantasy presented on this blog? No strap-ons, no women in dresses and makeup, no whips and dungeons, no enforced hormone treatments and men sucking each other off! Just some good old gender role reversal femdom.


  1. What you observe is very true. It is rare to see real gender role reversal in clothing because most women want to dress as women and don’t want to be male. A women will dress as a man if it is comfortable such as pants but they will still wear makeup and other feminine attire. I empathize with where you are coming from.

    For me, a woman dressed as a woman with her male dressed similar to her is affirmation of her power and authority. Women dress as men because in the past it was a symbol of power but this will change over time.

    Maybe this is what you are looking for, a boy dressed as a girl and several girls, one dressed as football player with the other in pants. This might be for some school project that they have his number.


    There’s thousands of videos of boys being made up as girls on YouTube so I think there is a trend of what you are looking for.

  2. I agree there is some materials around but not focused production
    (I try to collect some into my yahoo group http://groups.yahoo.com/group/MaschiacceeFemminucci/ ), I think it is a issue self-censored and we start see outing place in this time anyway U'r work seems to be a good answer for this need and open the right street :)

    Any way good job!

    Take Care


  3. It's true that there is precious little artwork on gender role reversal.

    There is a lot of material on the feminisation of males - Petticoat Discipline Quarterly is one example and features some nice artwork but the women and girls involved in feminising, sissyfying and even babyfying men and boys are in dresses and skirts themselves so it is not role reversal. PDQ is one of the nicer sites - most other sites that deal with feminisation are for erotic purposes and some of them are simply gross.

    Even Patti's genderrolereversal website concentrates on the feminisation of males with voting polls geared towards feminisation of men - but what about the masculisation of women which also needs to happen? Where is a voting poll for women asking them how far they are prepared to forsake make-up, jewellery, high heeled shoes etc?

    Depressingly, it seems that very few of us are interested in the idea of the complete reversal of traditional male and female roles and dress. Successful women wear trousers, but still wear the trappings of traditional femininity and it doesn't help that women's magazines exhort them to be the perfect woman i.e feminine. Under this kind of pressure it is easy to see why women are not abandoning femininity entirely.

    Men are likewise pressurised by the media and magazines to remain masculine and to run a mile from anything even hinting at femininity.

    I suppose it is being overly optimistic to expect cultural norms that have prevailed for centuries to be reversed overnight. One source for optimism is that there is definitely a trend towards a reversal of the breadwinner/homemaker roles as more successful women outearn their partners, and simple economics means that he has to become the stay at home partner (in the UK 60,000 men were stay at home partners in 2000 and this had increased to 600,000 at the beginning of the current year).

    Gender roles are slowly changing but it seems that a complete reversal of dress has stalled through social pressure to conform to traditonal gender dress and media influence.

  4. Thanks for those responses.

    Russell: "it seems that very few of us are interested in the idea of the complete reversal of traditional male and female roles and dress." Depressing indeed!

    It shouldn't be necessary for role reversal to actually happen in society before we can get a few websites about it. (Personally I very much doubt if it will ever happen in the real world, but that's just me.) Blogs like yours and Patti's help fill the gap a little.

  5. Your spot on there is not nearly enough pictures if you believe in compleate gender reversal.

  6. I think there are perhaps two different lines of thought being expressed. One is that society or the culture prohibits/discourages men and women from dressing in the clothes traditionally associated with the opposite sex. The other line, or question is "why aren't such reversal portrayals available on line"? There are many things that society strongly disapproves of, such as strap-on activity, or whips used by a dominatrix, yet such things are freely available on line. So are such things as crossdressing and petticoat "punishment" and/or feminization, etc, despite the culture's strong disapproval. So what accounts for the lack of a similar supply of role-reversal web sites where there are photos/videos of submissive men in skirts partnered with dominant women in pants?

    It just makes me all the more grateful that we at least and at last have the sites of Patti, Heather, Russell, and of course our gracious and talented host, Eve's Rib.

  7. I agree, I've seen a gamut of unmentionable pornographic scenarios. Sadly I haven't seen as you describe much in the way of classy images instilling the notion of female empowerment and male submission except in the extreme DS BD scenarios. I'd like to offer you a great Idea. And one that could benefit all, including yourself. Why not do what you see missing. I've had a couple friends publish small mags before the internet, they'd hire a couple models and set the stage for what it was they wanted to project onto a viewing audience. Perhaps you could do the same, with out the expense of publishing it in mags, instead to it on the internet. Create that world that you feel is missing.

  8. Speaking of Patti, does anyone know what happened to her superb blog, "Male Femininity and Gender Role Reversal"? It has sadly disappeared.

  9. Dear Linda,

    I'm pleased to able to say that Patti's superb is still going strong - she posted as recently as a few days ago. Just thought you'd like to know.

  10. Thank you Russell. That's good to hear. But does the blog have a new location? When I go to the usual place I get a blank page.

  11. I think that in the not-so distant future women will merge as the dominant figure in society by being in the dominant jobs whether they be in the factories, office buildings or in the military. And lets not forget that the woman will be in the dominant role even in the political area. For some men, its hard to imagine that women will BE THE DOMINANT PERSON in every walk of life and men will be the caregivers at home, the un-skilled laborers of the workforce, the secretaries of busines and the janitors of the world. At this time in education, for example, women are outshinning men by a very clear margin. Even in high schools, boys are dropping out and girls seem to be getting the diplomas and heading for college. How many years ago was it just the opposite. Seventy years ago there were very few girls seriously considering college or professional careers.

    Be that as it may, I don't feel that the succesful woman in whatever field she may be in will want to dispose of the feminine clothing, makeup, jewelry, having her hair done and her nails manicured etc., etc. She will still be very concious of her appearance and maybe more-so than ever before. As a succsful woman she will BE and LOOK the succesful person.

    The men will be strongly encouraged to wear more feminine clothing but except for the "professional secretaries" of businesswomen
    they will fall into catagories of wearing the more "casual dresses" and slacks. There doesn't seem to be a need for men to "have their hair done or nails manicured unless they are the "professinal secretaries". The caregivers at home will be more concerned with taking care of the children, cleaning, doing the laundry and will, of course, make sure everything is neat and clean for when his wife arrives home from work. The men out working in the "menial" jobs will want to make sure they get home quickly to get supper on and/or straighten the house.

    Does this scenerio remind anyone of the 50's and 60's, except for the fact that back then it was the woman doing those things and the successful man returning from work everyday.

    This WILL happen because right now today, thousands more women are graduating from universities around the world than men are. The young man of today are more concerned about the sports and who won the Superbowl than worrying about the HIGH grades that they should be striving for.

    For myself, I feel that the world being totally run by women will be a tremendous boost to the world's prosperity eliminating useless wars and instead striving for the elimination of diseases, future space exploration and many other things for the betterment of all humans.

    Karen Harris

  12. Poor reed of the last video...little little girl.
    Another video:

    And a recomendation:
    If you like the old good gender role reversal, you must watch " Belle Epoque" from Fernando Trueba. The tango scene is awesome.

  13. In part in response to your appeal I started to gather some of the photomanipulation illustrated stories I've started to make about a role-reversal world. I think this may be right in line with what you're looking for. I agree with you that there is far, far too little done in this genre.

    You can see some of the images here:

  14. Clearly I was right about there being some sympathy out there for my appeal.

    Mrs Joanie B, I like your idea of starting a site with photos, but I don't have the resources. I try to fill the gap a bit in the way I can, which is writing and drawing.

    I too have noticed that Patti's blog has mysteriously gone blank.

  15. Karen Harris says: "I feel that the world being totally run by women will be a tremendous boost to the world's prosperity" etc.

    My own perspective is different. The world's prosperity depends on the economic system, e.g. having women running capitalism won't make it any less unstable and prone to crisis. And wars don't happen because men love fighting, but for geopolitical reasons of territory, ideology and resources which cannot be erased by recruiting leaders with different genitals.

    I think you are falling into the common trap of being starry-eyed about women. They are human beings at the end of the day.

    I will write an article on this topic...

  16. As a man of similar tastes, I can empathise with this blogpost. I too found it hard to find TG fiction which was 'up my street'... to many with extreme sex scenes, sucking, bondage etc... so I started to write and post my own which strictly focussed on dressing, usually a theme of 'unruley boy forced into dresses'.

    as a CD and not a TS in anyway, I too feel that breastforms and girls names aren't necessary, however when I'm dressing up, I do sometimes feel more convincing with 'breasts'. I love the idea of being a bloke wearing a dress, but even to me the image of me wearing a dress doesn't look right until I've got a more feminine chest... it still doesn't look 'right' but... ho hum :)

    fantasies revolving around cross dressing I'm sure has a very broad spectrum, but like popular television slots, the lowest common denominator is mostly catered for, and some of our own fantasies can be so specific one can easily be put of by an image or story element that isn't to ones taste. Coronation Street would be so much better if people weren't shouting and back stabbing all the time, I'd prefer something much more realistic and beleavable.

    Anyway, I look forward to your upcoming posts.

  17. I have to type this all over again...urgh...
    I agree with you, it is a pity that good images cannot be found on the internet, I would love that.

    My ideal differs slightly from yours, I think. While in your drawings females wear masculine clothes, for me that takes away a bit of the specific beauty and femininity of women that makes them so irresistable to me.

    Here in Holland, a lot of women combine the feminine with the strong and dominant. Lots of beautiful women here wear a black leather jacket, skinny jeans and mean tall boots over their jeans (biker boots, heeled boots). To me, that looks incredibly sexy and dominant.

    See third pic from above with Gemma Arterton:

    How I would love if a woman like that makes me wear a pink dress or a g-string and uses me as a housemaid... or even pictures on the internet would make me very happy...

    Your thoughts?

  18. Anonymous,

    I like all sorts of things, including very regular things like pretty girls in frocks. On this blog I stick to just one theme. Nice picture in your link. In the "Eve's Rib world", lipstick is strictly for males. But each to their own!

    Pictures on the internet... if only.


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