Thursday, 19 August 2010

Evening of the dance

Preparing for the dance, a teenage boy pauses to dream about the evening ahead. About the rustling dresses and glimmering jewels of the boys, and the vivid white shirts and black ties of the girls. And about meeting a handsome girl who would provide love and the protection he craves.


  1. Oh my! The stuff dreams are made of. This is just perfect in every detail.
    can't tear my eyes away.

  2. I absolutely love the theme of your site and the wonderful captions you write....I am sure this young boy will look just adorable in his pink gown and will have handsome older girls fighting over him.

  3. Many thanks for these appreciative comments.

  4. Another fantastice Posting. Your Creativity is Superb! The way of the Future that you are depicting is Luscious! Thank You for your Great Work!



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