Friday, 8 October 2010

Working man

Those men who managed to stay in the workplace were most likely to be working in the shadow of a woman, for example as a secretary.

Working man


  1. Great blog and picture - I'd love to be allowed to go to work dressed like that!

  2. I Love it also...Men should be in dresses, but he should also be wearing Delicate nylons!!

  3. Patti, I'm sure he wears nylons some days!

    By the way, your blog has disappeared. Such a shame. Can we expect it back?

  4. What seem to be fantasie here, is really what is going on in the real world if ou check the internet. All this at very slow paste,

    surely we are gonig.

    Facts: ( and it's not because I' for or against it, it's what I see on the net (or, and) the street)

    1 - yes there more women getting higher eduction degrees than men.

    2 Clothing for Men and Women

    A - For men the glamour style is coming of age - Lots of men want to wear the skirts
    and all that comes with it. Bras, panties, Nylons, High Heels, make-up, corsets,
    jewlery (fine sophisticated feminin style),and long hair for men seems to make a come back,

    B - For Women - Who fought so hard for there rights to

    1- where there pants, they have that now to the point that in some places there force
    to where them like it or not
    Example: 1 - many schools don't allow them to where skirts any
    more and in the work force it's the same even in some offices
    to the extent that there mightr even be a ban on high heels for
    women and men that might want to where them.
    Any kind of Nylons are pretty useless without the skirt and or high heels.
    2 - More and more women are cutting there hair as short as men have been doing for
    the last hundred years or so. This give them a more maculine look.
    3 - In theory at least women should be wereing the skirts etc..., but in reality
    there are so few women wereing ladies clothes that skirts in womens dept.
    are becoming a rare commodité in some stores.

    the list would to long to do and i would say in the end would people adapt to the new reality

  5. Isn't that a tomgirl dress? A manly man should wear a bright pink short skirt to work.


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