Saturday, 5 March 2011

A househusband’s life

Back to what I’m best at, and a new drawing.

“Why haven’t you pressed my suit yet? Get on with it, now!”

It’s been a while since I posted a drawing, but not for lack of wanting to. There are always so many other things I have to do, and I haven’t had any time to draw.

Although this is fantasy art, I take my drawing seriously and am keen to make it as good as possible. I have been dissatisfied with my pictures because I’ve wanted the line to be precise and clean, and haven’t allowed any life into it.

[Update: the painting above is a remake of the one I originally posted.]


  1. We all see who wear the pants in the family now. ;)

  2. if this is to be true then shouldn't the men start to wear there hair long and the woman wear it short?

    this life style would be great i wear skirts most of the time but never try to pass as a woman, it is time men wear allowed to wear skirts and dresses, also the stores should stock dresses in men's sizes

  3. I am an unemployed husband, and sometimes I wear dresses. My wife comes home from work and asks me what I have been doing all day.

    All I can say about the cartoon is OUCH! It is a too close to real life.


  4. "if this is to be true then shouldn't the men start to wear there hair long and the woman wear it short?"

    Well, very true. I just worry that the man could be mistaken for a woman if I did the full hairdo. A lack in my skills.

  5. excuseme bud I d´ont write english. Todos tus dibujos(drawin) son fantásticos (amazing). Me encanta (I like)como haces los rostros (faces) de los chicos (boys). Siempre vemos dibujos de chico/a demasiado femeninos. Tus dibujos son mucho mas (mutch moore)reales

  6. It is a lady`s day nowadays.

    I have been very macho all the whiles until lately when my wife`s income seem to over take that of mine.

    One day , my wife asked me,`` If you are still a man , dont you think that it is time we reverse our relationship with you as my househusband and obey me, serve me and under my control just the way I used to ?``

    Well ! She used the words if you are still a man.


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