Monday, 4 July 2011

Men’s nightwear

More of the latest fashions for men from Wishroom. These are genuine by the way. Found here.

Men's nightie 1

Men's nightie 2

Men's nightie 3

Men's nightie 4


  1. Sooo lovely and such fun to wear!

  2. Fabulous and sexy, how can I get them?

  3. it matches boys

  4. I think a boy should wear sheer baby doll nighties with lots of frilly ruffles for nightwear.

  5. The interesting thing about the delicate, lacy and feminine nightwear is that it is far more restrictive than more sturdy attire such as pajama or t-shirts and shorts that males previously enjoyed.

    In delicate feminine finery you ultimately have less freedom and movement because in many places it is tighter AND you DARE NOT be too rambunctious wearing it or it might tear or stain so psychologically a male takes upon feelings of HAVING to be meek and ladylike. Wonderful emotional re-training that actually makes males realize they are weaker than Females who then feel unhampered physically by nighttime clothing.

    ALTHOUGH, I do suppose Women will increasingly relish the feeling of having the upper hand by buying their little dainty d0ocile males new lingerie which now keeps him pretty AND in his proper place...


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