Thursday, 27 October 2011

My absence

Thought it was time for a brief update. As followers will know, I am frustrated by the almost complete absence of decent gender role reversal imagery, and have tried to respond by creating images of my own. However, I am not satisfied with the quality of my artwork so I am currently busy learning to improve my drawing.

I have not lost interest in this blog or its contents, but study is consuming my spare time and is not a short process, so there probably won’t be any updates in the meantime. I am hoping that the results will be worth it!


  1. We wait with impatience! May we remember the crew with female pilot and male hostess? And the dialogue between prostitute and policewoman? All the best!

  2. I have a blog that I get around to when not busy, it is basically, what might happen when women take over and then men rebel with force.
    The women crush the rebellion and then form a gynarchy based upon the feminization of all males.
    check it out, X rated but there may be an idea in it for you.


  3. You're not satisfied with the quality of your work? What are you saying? Aren't you being a bit too demanding on yourself? What I love THE MOST of your blog is precisely the original artwork! I think you're a great illustrator and I really enjoy your drawings. Please keep them coming!
    By the way, I invite you to visit my blog. I believe you might enjoy it and maybe, who knows, a couple of images could be useful for you.
    Take care, Juan

  4. I think your art is terrific. I would love for you to illustrate a role reversal wedding. And the bedroom afterward as he displays his bridal lingerie.

  5. Thanks, New fashion, for your praise. But I hope that when people see the new stuff they'll understand what I'm talking about. Thanks for the invite to your blog, I like it.

    Hattyonce, I will certainly do wedding pictures one day. Nice profile picture, who's the artist?

  6. I hope your studies serve you (and us) well! I can appreciate your desire and need for even better artwork. Check out the book 'Egalia's daughters' when you have time... its a role reversal fictional world written a while back.


  7. My profile picture is by the great Barbara O'Toole

  8. We are waiting! Get a boy to make the Ladies some tea as we all wait!

    To Victoria:

    Yes, your blog is amazing, I just wished I could contribute to it more... why not enable the "anonymous" feature on it? Some of us are NOT out of the closet (yet?)!

  9. I think the fact that there is no role reversal community is appalling. The internet has supposedly "everything", but when it comes to quality pages on role reversal, or femdom, or role reversal and femdom, it just... doesn't do the job (quality pages I said, not porn).

    I truly feel the lack, but I don't know how to fill up that empty hole. I really think you are a great author and should understand the world of Role Reversal, imagine that, THE WHOLE role reversal world kind of relies on you and a very few others.

    This is VERY big. It's sort of like if you were among the only lesbians or gay blogs or something like that... really, don't disappear!

  10. Alex,

    I'm glad you appreciate what I do. It's the sad lack of non-homoerotic, non-pornographic gender role reversal on the otherwise abundant internet that makes me feel a responsibility to up my game. If I don't, few others meet the need.

    The gender role reversal itch doesn't really go away even when you scratch it, so I have no intention of disappearing.

  11. Hi Eve's Rib,

    I'm very happy for you and thanks for answering. Well, let me tell you what. It took me a long time to realize what you are saying, these things don't just go away. I am submissive, I accept and love that, and I don't know if I'm a lesbian in a male body or what, but at least in fantasy I soooo want to be a girl, and it's very strong.

    But I am utterly ashamed to confess this to most people I know.

    You provide a place to talk about this openly.

    And recently I came to think that just like people can be straight, gay, lesbian, or bi, they can be submissive, dom, maledom, femdom, or anything else. And just like that, they can be... into ROLE REVERSAL! I think that's exactly who I am!

    And for some reason, we are quite ALONE! How many role reversal clubs, communities, or even just BLOGS do you know? It's like we are maybe a couple of people among 7 billion Earthlings! But I know that this can't be... for some reason we are the only few communicating about it online... could it be?

    Thanks for keeping it up!

    -- Alex
    (Gigi is one of my Female names... I don't know if it's short for Gina or Giselle)

  12. I just stumbled across your wonderful blog. It is fantastic! I have felt this desire for role reversal inside for many years, wishing and dreaming about living in what is shown and written about here. Thanks so much and please, please don't shut it down. P.S. I look/read everything again and again. I also enjoy some of the sites that the members have.

  13. I find that the most important part of role reversal is behavior. Unfortunately, it's very hard to connect with others who are into this, but I want to be found by a Lady who will act dominant and expect me to be submissive, who will not wait for me to ask her out but will ask me out, who will view me as a "yummy" eye candy, who will ask me if I know how to cook and crack a joke about how guys are better off in the kitchen and the bedroom and actually mean it inside. Preferably she's at least a little older than me, if not twice my age. If she is twice my age, she's not even thinking of marriage, all she wants is to get in my pants (or actually, my skirt). She knows she wears the pants I do too.Where does such a Woman find one?

  14. I have a problem. See? Women have breasts, beautiful curves, show their legs sometimes when they are wearing something short down there, and are used to guys either staring at them or wanting to catch a glimpse, maybe sometimes be rude and whistle as they pass by in the street (if they are a bit low-behaved) and ... I want a role reversal... but... I got no breasts, and I want breasts, I got an ugly voice (I hate what testosterone does to voices), I have to shave my face because ugly hair grows on it, and ... how am I to be the submissive passive sex? I think nature intended me to be submissive to Women, which is why I think nature should make me a Woman (please God?)

  15. PLEASE stop studying and put up something. Make it a Christmas gift for all of us! Come on girl, do something!

  16. Hello Anonymous,

    I'm a boy, not a girl :) Won't have time to do anything for Christmas but I'll try not to keep you waiting too long.

  17. Just wanted to say thank you so much for this site, it's a shame no one else does this stuff, I feel like I've been searching for it for years! Hope you come back soon!

  18. So far blog is dead. Here you are "learning", damnit.. stop learning just fucking post!

  19. Relax "Anonymous Jan 12, 2012 03:03 AM" I don't see you contributing anything. Eve's Rib will post when he's ready. There's no need to get overly excited, we're all waiting. We should all be so lucky that there's someone with similar intrests and has the talent to create images worth viewing.

    Good things come to those who wait.

  20. Thank you Jess, for being supportive and trying to understand my position - rather than swearing at me!


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