Monday, 16 January 2012

The worm that turned

I wish my followers a Happy New Year. I promise that I will post drawings again this year, but in the meantime would like to share a dire prediction for 2012.

Fans of role reversal femdom will know that there is very little material, whether fiction, art, TV or film, that depicts a role reversed world. I remember looking forward to an episode of Sliders, the show whose characters travel between alternative universes, called ‘The Weaker Sex’. In this episode women were dominant, yet the programme makers didn’t have the nerve to swap the clothes too.

One noteable exception could be seen on British television in about 1979-80, when comedians The Two Ronnies produced an eight-part comedy serial called The Worm That Turned.

The worm that turnedThis little show within a show was set in an England of 2012 in which feminism has led to women becoming the dominant sex. The country is run by a kind of female junta in uniform (their commander a splendid Diana Dors). While women police march through the streets in black PVC, men are forced to wear dresses, do the housework and lead ‘feminine’ lives.

One of our two heroes runs a secret club that shows banned, male chauvinist films – we see the men roar in approval as they watch John Wayne spank a woman over his knee – but the club is busted by a spy and our protagonists go on the run. Their only hope is to escape this dystopia of humiliation to find sanctuary in Wales, where men are still real men.

The silly, sub-Carry On humour doesn’t show this respected duo at their best and is very dated. The show’s incredibly sexist and scoffs at feminism.

Yet The Worm That Turned was extraordinary in its way. A world in which women have become the dominant sex? Where boys and men are forced to wear dresses and do housework? If you hadn’t heard of this series, I feel it’s time you did. (It’s about all we’ve got.) Even without intending to, it raises questions: if treating men like this is so dreadful, why is it OK for women? And it is very clear about the power relationship embodied in ‘masculine’ and ‘feminine’ symbols such as clothing and names.

Some thoughtful person has posted the serial on YouTube. Here is the first episode. You can find the others there too.

I hope you enjoy this rare foray into gender role reversal.


  1. Sooooo nice to have you pst anything at all!

    BTW, this is British humor. It's fantastic, but it's only humor, not a statement of where society is heading or where anyone making the series wants it to head. Pity, but that's what it is.

    1. That's true, but I include it as a rare item of interest, given that there isn't really anything else.

  2. Love that the boys use girls' names.

    I was also amused that the name of the program, "The Worm That Turned," is similar to the name of my post-patriarchal era blog "As the Worm Turns" .

    1. Stana, thanks for mentioning your gender role reversal blog. I didn't know about it before.

  3. It's sad, sad, sad how many bloggers just don't blog often because they want to "get better at it". Perhaps if there wasn't such a need for them, if the role-reversal community was humongous, but everyone of them who doesn't blog because they are learning to paint or because they are too shy (OK, I'm shy) is just a loss of that endangered species of role-reversers.

    1. Well, I did just post something. You posted a comment on it.

      I will start posting drawings again in a couple of months MAX, probably sooner!

    2. Eve's Rib,

      Thanks for the head's up on posting (I'm Alex, but sometimes selecting the profile name gets complicated in this computer for some reason so if my name there doesn't reflect it, I'm Alex).

      I have learned something in life. Sometimes you want to give something your everything and it seems as though anything else doesn't count because you are so damn passionate about something.

      That has a good thing and a bad thing about it. The good thing is obvious. But the bad thing is if you set your mind on only doing it if it's THAT good you sometimes don't do it at all, or in your case don't do it at all for a while.

      What I think would be a good idea is, hey, you are practicing here. You are no doubt going to surprise us with something astounding whenever you do post again. But I think if you post one or two posts a week, or even every other week, not much, you could:
      a) rehearse and experiment
      b) maintain the interest in your blog of all those readers like myself who seldom ever come anymore and some of who will probably just forget about it in time
      c) since it won't affect those great things you will be doing when you are ready for it, it will only add to your blog so in a way you could help yourself know better off what you will do in the future. Perhaps by rehearsing and experimenting now your blog will be better than it ALREADY will be once you are ready for it in a few months or whenever it is.

      In any case, Eve'sRib, I think the Superior Sex are Women and therefore whatever effort you make is a good boy-hobby for maybe a househusband, but don't worry, as long as it pleases the Superior Women it is worth it. That's what boys where created for from Eve's rib, don't you agree? :-)


    3. Well, I can't promise they'll be great or astounding, but yes, I am working on new drawings now.

  4. I have fond memories of watching this serial back in the 1980s. It wasn't the original broadcast though but more of a compilation programme. I thin it first turned me on to the idea of TG.

  5. There are several more role reversal Sci Fi series that have been put up on youtube.

    Look up.

    Otherworld - I am Woman Hear me Roar 1985

    Star Maidens 1977 - a fantastic series

    Planet Earth 1974

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  7. Hi, I am a cross-dressing male who lives in south London, and I have my own blog.
    I have just discovered your blog and your wonderful artwork and am reading through from the beginning.
    I was wondering if you minded me posting one or two of you works on my blog, with full credits to you of course, which is called Liz Indoors.
    Liz xx

    1. Hello Liz_Indoors,

      You're welcome to reproduce my art provided you include a credit and don't alter it in any way.

    2., I want you to have all the credit, and I wouldn't dream of altering it... though I'm tempted to try to produce something similar of my own...

  8. Women are superior.
    I'm kept in a locking Chasity device at ALL times.
    I do all housework in womens clothes.
    I do all cooking. I recieve spankings from Wifes friends and assocaites so I know who is the boss. After the spankings I have to kiss their feet and thank them for my punishment.

  9. A worried person17 July 2012 at 00:42

    I think it is very important to remember that we are all human beings.
    It is not okay for any group to oppress or harm any other group, because in the end, we are all the same.
    Stuff like this is a bit insane. We should be trying to find a middle ground, remember?
    Just because blacks were enslaved by whites doesn't mean whites must be enslaved by blacks. Everyone should be given the same opportunities as people.

    1. "A worried person", I agree entirely. As I point out time and time again, this blog is a fantasy, not a manifesto for how I think things ought to be in the real world. The internet is awash with fantasies of every conceivable sort and this is merely one of them.

      In the real world I oppose all oppression and support the slavery of nobody.


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